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In a career spanning 50 years, Robert Casadesus built up an absolutely unique cultural heritage.

Discover the life of Robert Casadesus in a long or short biography, as well as a chronological approach (‘Timeline’).

3,000 concerts, a considerable discography, a catalogue of 69 works, films and numerous educational speeches are signs of a great creative richness that now makes him considered one of the greatest French musicians of the 20th century.

His double vocation of performer-composer gave him the rare privilege of being both the observer and the perpetuator of the principal French musical currents of the 20th century. Commenting on an interpretation of Le Gibet, Ravel would say of him: “You must be a composer yourself in order to understand the music of others so well.”

The USA, where a major portion of his career took place, paid him an exemplary tribute: in the firmament of those rare French stars recognized in America, his star shines in Hollywood, alongside those of Rubinstein and Horowitz.

In audio and video, listen to Robert Casadesus recount his memories during radio interviews or view sequences shot during his lifetime.

Many writings have illustrated the life of Robert Casadesus. The bibliography and filmography menus allow you to access lists of works and video documents dedicated to the artist, while Programs is a collection of period programs.

A visit to ‘Exhibition‘ will enable you to appreciate the artist’s familiar objects, whereas the Documents section brings together numerous writings (newspaper articles, contemporary programmes, books), as well as audio and video excerpts.

You can also directly access the chronological and family albums in the photo galleries.


Inaugural Robert and Gaby Casadesus Prize

On the occasion of Robert Casadesus’ birthday on April 7, we established a Robert and Gaby Casadesus Prize of 1000 euros awarded each year to a piano student selected by the teachers of the Conservatoire National de Paris (CNSMDP). We are pleased to announce this new commemorative project to disseminate his compositions and at the same time salute his and Gaby’s studies at the Conservatoire where the famous duo met during the First World War. In order to be eligible, the candidate must perform a substantial work by Robert Casadesus for piano of his choice.

This year, the inaugural Prize will be awarded to Gaspard Thomas, who will perform the Second Piano Sonata, Op. 31 (1941) during the audition of the class of Claire Désert and Romano Pallottini on April 30 at the CNSMDP. Mr Thomas recently performed the Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 2 in F minor, Op. 21 by Chopin with l’Orchestre des Lauréats du Conservatoire, conducted by Lucie Leguay, in the large hall of the Cité de la Musique.  The Prize will be presented to him after his performance by Ramsay Casadesus Rawson, grandson of Robert and Gaby and son of Thérèse, who lives in the United States.

Concert des Écoles d’Art Américaines – July 27, 2023, Paris

During the Fontainebleau Schools’ summer session, French pianist Fanny Bracco, who was chosen as the recipient of the Casadesus grant, was featured on July 27, 2023 at the annual Fondation des Etats-Unis concert showcasing selected student participants of the session. She gave a noteworthy performance of Robert Casadesus’ Suite en La pour piano, opus 52 (1956) which was very well received by the audience.

Tribute to Robert Casadesus  – Maslives, November 13, 2022

We would like to thank l’Association Piano & Forte and the municipality of Maslives for this recital dedicated to the life of Robert Casadesus presented by the pianist Jean-François Bouvery.

Tribute to Robert Casadesus  – Paris, November 8, 2022

To continue our commemoration of 50 years since his passing, we were pleased to present pianist Jean-François Bouvery for a tribute to the life of Robert Casadesus at the KAWAI France showroom. Here is the program:

First part: tribute to the repertoire of Robert Casadesus

. Pagodes et Jardins sous la pluie (Estampes) of Claude Debussy
. Bourrée fantasque  of Emmanuel Chabrier

. Barque sur l’océan et Alborada del grazioso (Miroirs) of Maurice Ravel

Second part: video screening of excerpts from the life of Robert Casadesus

Third part: tribute to the compositions of Robert Casadesus

Quatrième Sonate, op. 56 (1957)

. I  Allegro impetuoso
. II  Scherzo vivace
. III Andantino
. IV Giocoso, ma non troppo vivo

Variations d’après l’hommage à Debussy de M. de Falla op. 47 (1951)

Tuesday, November 8, 2022
7:30 pm
11 Place de la Bataille de Stalingrad
75010 PARIS
Open to the public

Tribute to Robert Casadesus  – NYC, October 9, 2022

As part of our continuing commemoration of 50 years since his passing, we are pleased to present Black Oak Ensemble and pianist Wenting Yu for a tribute to the life of pianist and composer Robert Casadesus at La Maison Française of NYU.


All works by Robert Casadesus

Variations d’après l’hommage à Debussy de M. de Falla op. 47 Wenting Yu, piano

Trio, op. 25, Black Oak Ensemble, violin, viola, cello

Toccata, op. 40, Wenting Yu, piano

Piano Quartet, op. 30, Black Oak Ensemble and Wenting Yu

Black Oak Ensemble is one of the most innovative and exciting chamber ensembles on the international stage. They recently released a CD “Avant l’orage” featuring mid-20th century French composers, including Robert Casadesus.

Chinese pianist Wenting Yu is currently performing internationally. He attended the American Conservatory at Fontainebleau in 2018 where he won the Ravel Prize.

Sunday, October 9, 2022
4:00pm – 5:30pm
La Maison Française of NYU
16 Washington Mews
New York, NY 10003

Open to the public

Advance Registration Required: RSVP HERE

Radio France/France Musique – September 19, 2022

On the occasion of 50 years since his passing on September 19, 1972, Radio France/France Musique rebroadcast an hourlong 1969 live interview of Robert Casadesus with renowned presenter (broadcaster) Jacques Chancel. Many thanks to Radio France/France Musique for this dedication.

The following day (Sept. 20) there was an additional broadcast of the 1969 concert on the occasion of Robert Casadesus’s 70th birthday, featuring him performing his own concerto for piano and orchestra as well as Mozart concerto K. 488, under the baton of Jean Martinon with the Orchestre de Paris.

Opening concert of the Fontainebleau Schools of Music and Fine Arts Summer session

Tribute to Robert Casadesus and Marcel Proust
Saturday, July 9, 2022
6:30 pm | Chapelle de la Trinité
Chateau de Fontainebleau

We recently commemorated 50 years since the passing of Robert Casadesus by performing 3 of his compositions. Many thanks to the musicians for their excellent interpretation !

Variations d’après l’hommage à Debussy de M. de Falla op. 47 (1951)


Sonate for alto and piano op. 12 (1928)


Trio N°1 for violon, cello and piano op. 6  (1924)




Tribute concert to Robert Casadesus on March 1, 2022 

The Dana Piano Trio – violinist Wendy Case, cellist Kivie Cahn-Lipman, and pianist Cicilia Yudha – performed Robert Casadesus’ Trio  No. 1, opus 6 (1924), at the McDonough Museum of Art and the Dana School of Music (OH) on March 1, 2022, as part of the Muse series.

Cicilia, a pianist who attended the American Conservatory at Fontainebleau in 2005 and a scholar who wrote her Ph.D dissertation on Robert Casadesus, decided to feature this youthful work by the famous pianist and composer, as an homage commemorating the 50th anniversary of his passing.

Robert Casadesus on Radio France

Many thanks to Lionel Esparza and Radio France for this lovely broadcast on the program Relax !

Episode February 9, 2022.

Jean Casadesus : In memoriam (1927-1972)

This week we commemorate Jean Casadesus on the 50th anniversary of his untimely passing on January 20, 1972. In addition to being the son of Robert and Gaby Casadesus, he was an accomplished classical pianist in his own right. Born in Paris, he studied primarily with his parents and made his debut with the Philadelphia Orchestra conducted by Eugene Ormandy in 1947. He thereafter enjoyed success as a concert pianist and also as a piano teacher, principally at the American Conservatory at Fontainebleau where one of his notable students was Robert D. Levin. He also taught at SUNY Binghamton for several years. He recorded solo piano works of Emmanuel Chabrier as well as French Baroque harpsichordists, notably François Couperin.

Jean and his parents were dubbed “The First Family of the Piano” for the 1967 Bell Telephone Hour television documentary in which they performed Bach and Mozart’s concertos for 3 pianos. They recorded these works with the Columbia Symphony and Cleveland Orchestra conducted by George Szell and with the Philadelphia Orchestra under the baton of Eugene Ormandy. In 1965, at Lincoln Center in New York, he premiered with them Robert Casadesus’ concerto for 3 pianos, which was recorded in 1966 and is available on the Sony Classical box set 1907583652.

New Robert Casadesus website

On the 50th anniversary of his passing in 1972, we are very proud to launch the redesign of the Robert Casadesus site. Here you will find everything from the old site with even more details in the texts and higher resolution photos. We have a program in 2022 to commemorate his life that we’ll be announcing soon, and this relaunch is the first part of it. Please come back for further announcements and feel free to send us your comments and questions. Welcome!

– The family of Robert Casadesus.

collection complète des albums Columbia2019

The complete collection of Columbia albums recorded between 1940 et 1969.
A 65 CD box set including many remastered recordings, most of which have never been released on CD.

Spring 2019

Music Review by David Mermelstein from the April 9, 2019 edition of the Wall Street Journal :

Casadesus : Hard to Say, Easy to Listen To

A 65-CD tribute to the now-obscure French pianist Robert Casadesus highlights his broad classical repertory and reveals why he was so popular during his life.

Download the article in PDF.