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The website

“The website devoted to Robert Casadesus is a gold mine of information about the musician. The abundance of information makes this site a total success and a model of how to use the new technologies. The lengthy biography, accompanied by a breathtaking photo album, is enriched by testimonies of other musicians, such as Zino Francescatti, who knew the great pianist…”

Pablo Galonce (Le Monde de la Musique, April 2003).

“ The famous French pianist Robert Casadesus, deceased exactly 30 years ago, will now have his website. His first cousin, Gréco Casadesus, son of the violinist Marius Casadesus, initiated this endeavor. Cancer felled this giant of the keyboard already three decades ago.

It is difficult today to appreciate the worldwide fame of this pianist, not only in Europe, but also in the United-States where he began his career there between the two World Wars. His career surged in the New World where the greatest conductors hired him as soloist. It is also there that the major part of his recordings took place. No one can forget his duo partnership with Zino Francescatti, particularly in the Mozart and Beethoven violin/piano sonatas. But he was essentially the constant and unforgettable interpreter of the French music of his era with Ravel and Debussy, whose complete works he recorded, which testify to the most authentic renditions as he was personally acquainted with these composers, specifically Ravel.”

Three thousand concerts in the course of a 50 year career, 70 compositions, movies and a considerable number of masterclasses made him one of the main figures of 20th century music worldwide—he certainly deserved to inhabit the heavens through the internet.”

J.Dn (Le Figaro, Saturday 7 – Sunday 8 September 2002).

Robert Casadesus, pianist

About the performance by Robert Casadesus of the Concerto for Piano n°4 in C minor Op. 44 by Saint-Saëns, conducted by Pierre Monteux (1939). (N.M. Classics, 2003).
(Audio CD : Anthology of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Vol.1 1935-1950 (N.M. Classics, 2003))

“During the same concert in 1939, Monteux brillantly varies his poetic expression (and) Casadesus is dazzling in Saint-Saëns.”

Remy Louis, Diapason, September 2003.

“CD 3 is devoted to Pierre Monteux, a great favorite in Amsterdam, and documents the night of Oct. 12, 1939 (…) with an exceptional performance of Saint-Saëns’ Concerto No. 4 with Robert Casadesus”

R.E.B., classical review (, January 2003.

Robert Casadesus, composer

“If the stature of Mr. Casadesus  as a creative  artist is not acknowledged well enough, it is because he devoted himself body and soul to interpreting works by other composers, both classical and modern, thereby  nearly bypassing his own works.

The better we become familiar with Mr. Casadesus’ works the more we realize that he should be hailed  not only as one of the most brilliant pianists of his era but also as one of the best French composers.”       

Klaus G. Roy, American author and musicologist

“Robert Casadesus, one of the greatest interpreters of classical music, too often let his own works take the back seat; so it is with much joy that we listen to this CD which will reveal to most of us his stature as a composer.

In these selected works, the musician shows himself to be completely as we have known him: distinguished, reserved, purveyor of authentic and refined musicianship, knowing how to step back appropriately in performing his works as well as those of others. These works highlight French clarity and express the beauty of melody rather than plunging into undiscovered  depths.

We have with this recording a beautiful summing up of the personal artistry of Robert Casadesus and, at the same time, the moving tribute of a wife to her husband.

To conclude: worth discovering.”

Jean Gallois, Diapason, June-July 1976.
in reference to the album Sonata for Piano n°4, op. 56 – 8 Etudes, op. 28.
Gaby Casadesus, piano. CBS (30) M 33.505 (K).

“There was also something else in his performing: the fact that Casadesus never set apart his art of performing from his own musical composition.

He was a magnificent composer who tacked all the dimensions of his creative artistry, from the symphony to the simple art song, from instrumental sonatas to chamber music ensembles. I was fortunate enough to play works by Casadesus, and quite recently, to perform again his Etudes, so masterly in their scoring, so perfect in their structure, so admirably conceived for the instrument….”

Monique Haas-Mihalovici, Hommage à Robert Casadesus, April 1982.